More than money

What do you want more of?

Data indicates most folks say “more time”.

77% say “meaningful experiences with my family”*

What would you choose?

*Source: Morningstar

MTMFO is the only family office placing multiple generations of your family at the center of what we do.

While offering traditional family office services (see below), we are the only firm to offer a multi-generational, wealth preservation and legacy technology.

Integrated Financial technology

Proprietary, exclusive MTM360 technology for empowering families

Supported by experienced, fiduciary professional advisors

Remote general ledger technology

Integrated payroll and 401(k)

Automated Bill-Pay

Consolidated Financial Reporting

Encrypted, centralized digital vault

Single sign on for MTM360 families

Wealth, legacy preservation and a families’ multi-generational success is at the center of everything we do

Accounting and Bill Pay

Investment and Performance Reporting

Due Diligence on Private Equity and Acquisitions

Asset and Property Services

MTM360:  Technology for Empowering Families

Argonne Trust Company of South Dakota

Risk Management, Creditor Protection and Insurance

Personal Services and Domestic Payroll

Trust and Entity Administration


We are the only family office offering a multi-generational engagement and educational technology for mitigating the six reasons why wealth transfers fail

What is the single largest threat to your financial wealth?


Lack of meaningful communication, shared vision, group decision-making structures**


Unprepared heirs**


Failure/mistake in professional financial, estate and creditor protection planning**

**Roy Williams, For Love Of Money