More Than Money Family Office

More Than Money Family Office

More Than Money Family Office (MTMFO)

The Power of FinTech and FamTec

What is FamTec™?

Family + Technology = FamTec

To help you focus on what matters most™

Exclusively offered by MTMFO thru our MTM360 platform

Built for busy, geographically-distanced families

30 minute, online monthly consultations.

Increase impact and purpose of family meetings

We Are Built For This

(and have been since 2012)

Social distancing with emotional connectivity

Proprietary, best in class technology

Remote engagement and learning

Built for busy, geographically-distanced families

Helping families identify shared values, legacy, vision and purpose

Establishing governance structures for decision making, dispute resolution

MTMFO is the only Family Office offering over 100 years of experience and a digital system for wealth preservation and legacy success

Why MTMFO for your family?

More free time to prioritize as you choose

Spark a multi-generational conversation about, values, legacy and vision

Develop shared stewardship, gratitude and governance structures

Delegate complexity to an experienced, fiduciary team of professional advisors

Maintain full control; receive fiduciary advice

Multi-generational engagement and education

Secure and convenient for busy, geographically-distanced families.

Prepare heirs and preserve financial wealth for multiple generations

Mitigate complexity and create more time to focus on legacy, preparing heirs and governance

What is the single largest threat to your financial wealth?*


Lack of meaningful communication, shared vision, group decision-making structures


Unprepared heirs


Failure/mistake in professional financial, estate and creditor protection planning

*Roy Williams, For Love Of Money